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With the promise on its homepage banner that you can meet new people and that your friends are waiting, the STD Friends’ homepage is vibrant and energizing. It is filled with eye-catching animation and a variety of happy young people who are enjoying life.

Creating a free account is straight forward and takes only a few minutes by answering basic questions about who you are and what you are looking for. Activating your account requires confirmation by email, which was not sent in a timely manner. Once in your account, managing your profile and account information is easy and straight forward. These can be edited at any time.

Once your account is activated you can log in and begin participating right away. Each member can search for people based on a set of criteria, enter the chat room and join in a conversation or two, peruse the many STD related blogs, and read informative articles.

The site offers three different search functions: simple, advanced and quick. The simple search allows you to search for people based on gender, STD, age, country, state, city, and zip code. This should be sufficient for any new members and most members in general. The quick search does not allow you to narrow down the field enough and the advanced search is too tedious to use often.

The site appears to be reasonably well populated with over 19,000 profiles appearing with a general search, but relatively few seemed to be online at any given time. In some state these is a good sized population of members while other states have few members. However the resource section is not as robust as expected. There are only forty articles posted at the site and a disappointing number of active blogs.

STD Friends has the potential to be a top dating site and support group for people living with herpes and other STDs. With thousands of single members who are looking for a relationship or simply those who seek support and friendship, the STD Friends community is a great place to meet others who understand and appreciate your condition.

If you are looking for love or perhaps the comfort of others who also live with STDs like HPV, Herpes, HIV or AIDS, STD Friends is an excellent site to join. It has been active for fifteen years and has earned the trust and respect of the STD community.

At STD Friends all personal information is always confidential and never shared or sold. When you join, you can rest assured that your anonymity will be preserved if you desire discretion. You may be completely open or entirely guarded with your personal profile that is completely up to you.

STD Friends wants its members to be happy and receive the support they desire or find friends and even that special someone.

Membership Costs

  • Premium membership of 1 month: $24.95
  • Premium membership of 3 month: $54.95
  • Premium membership of 6 month: $74.95

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