Dating With Herpes

Can I Have Sex With Genital Herpes?

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Sex With Herpes

When a person is initially diagnosed with genital herpes they may feel their sex life has come to an end. It’s common for negative thoughts to come to mind. How will I ever meet my match? What girl or guy would want me now? How can I have sex with herpes? It’s important to understand how the herpes virus is spread. If safe sex occurs the chance of spreading the virus is actually very low. Using a condom greatly reduces the chance of passing the virus to a partner. A condom acts as a protective barrier. It helps reduce the chance that a partner will come in direct skin-to-skin contact with the virus. It’s also important to avoid sex if a burning, itching or tingling feeling occurs. Those feelings could indicate that herpes is on the surface of the skin. Dental dam could be used to have oral sex. HSV-2 usually causes genital herpes and the virus spreads orally about seven percent of all oral herpes cases. Herpes could spread from oral sex. It’s not that likely, unless a partner has genital HSV-1. HSV-1 usually isn’t found genitally. A partner may be more likely to come in direct contact with the virus if sex occurs while the symptoms of the virus are present.If herpes outbreaks are present that means the virus is active. It’s best to avoid sexual intercourse during that situation. If you have genital herpes it’s important to discuss your treatment options with your medical doctor.

It’s clinically proven that medications like Valtrex and Acyclovir greatly reduce outbreaks. Valtrex alone reduces the chance of passing genital herpes to a partner by 50% or more. Even while taking medication it’s important to have safe sex. It’s not uncommon to experience some symptoms of herpes if your taking medication. The herpes virus usually weakens over a course of time. The most intense herpes outbreaks typically occur within the first year of being diagnosed with the virus. If an individual hasn’t had herpes outbreaks for a long period of time that means the virus is weak. If the herpes virus is weak herpes outbreaks are less likely to occur and the virus is much less likely to surface the skin. In some cases medication may not be needed. Herpes is a viral infection of the skin. The virus hides in the skin.

When the herpes virus hides in the skin the virus could go undetected. It’s important to realize that you still are a carrier for the virus. Even if you haven’t had outbreaks for years there is still a chance the virus could surface the skin and spread to a partner. If you were diagnosed with the virus by having a doctor see an active outbreak or by a blood test there is always a chance the virus could spread. Even if a person carries the herpes antibodies that means they were exposed to the virus. The herpes antibodies are detected from a blood test. Herpes antibodies are produced from the herpes virus. Herpes could surface the skin any time completely by chance. The human body never completely fights the herpes virus off. Sometimes blood tests come back negative if the virus is weak.

A couple can still have a healthy sex life even if one partner has genital herpes. Eating healthy, exercising, not smoking, and living healthy helps strength the immune system and reduces the odds of getting genital herpes outbreaks. There are even cases where a couple has unprotected sex and only one partner gets outbreaks. Herpes very rarely causes serious health problems. A couple with herpes is very likely to have healthy children and a successful sex life. It’s important to educate a partner about how herpes is spread. Reducing the social stigma of herpes could help make a relationship successful.

Some potential partners aren’t willing to have sexual intercourse with an individual who has herpes. Even after you educate a partner about how herpes is spread the answer to a relationship could still be no. It’s important to realize that you’re giving a partner a choice by informing him or her of your situation. You’re also ensuring that the virus isn’t spread to a partner. If a partner knows you have herpes safe sex is much more likely to occur. On a positive note there are many partners who are willing to have a relationship with an individual who has genital herpes. Meeting your match depends greatly on how strong a couple feels for each other. Million of people with herpes meet their match and have a healthy sex life. Being upfront with a partner will allow the other person to make a choice. It also shows that you’re a trust worthy person. Even if you have herpes or not having sexual intercourse is human nature. Having herpes alone won’t prevent you from having sex with a partner. An individual may even meet his or her match on STI dating websites such as Positive Singles.

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