Positive Singles

Why Positive Singles is Better Than Tinder and Other Dating Websites?

Positive Singles is the number one dating website for individuals who have an STD. When you are newly diagnosed with an STD strong emotions are likely to occur. When the time comes to talk a partner about your situation many thoughts will race through your mind such as “Should I ask this lady out?” Joining Positive Singles will allow you to form a relationship and it also greatly decreases the chances that your partner will catch another STD. The members on Positive Singles are honest about their situation. Building a trusting relationship is the key to having the type of relationship you want.

Dating websites such as Tinder and Grindr are considered to be hookup sites that often don’t lead to fulfilling relationships. After having unprotected sex with a partner is often the reason why you may get tested for STDs in your town or city clinic. On certain websites people often don’t get the chance to know a potential partner. These websites do not promote safe sex. Therefore a partner may have an STD and not disclose their status. Engaging in high-risk sexual activities or having multiply sex partners always increases the risk of catching a new infection. Sex is a normal and healthy part of life. Regardless of the type of relationship you are seeking it is important to know how to talk to a partner about safe sex, have safe sex, and to get tested.

Positive Singles encourages the members to get tested for STDs, talk about their situation, and to have safe sex. The website has chat features, the option to exchange e-mails with members, share success stories, and more. Learning about others experiences and receiving emotional support during times of a crisis will help you have a better insight of a life-changing situation. Positive Singles is not only a dating website; it is also a community where people can relate to each other. If you already have an STD you may have the fear that you will spread the virus to another partner. A person with certain STDs is also more likely to get an additional infection. Many people do not realize they have an STD. Getting tested regularly is the only way to know your status. If you know your partner has an STD proper precautions could be taken to greatly reduce the chance of infecting a partner.

If you want to know your STD status and if you want your partner to know your STD status Positive Singles is the website to join. You could also receive counseling services and the support you need. If you do not want a partner to know your STD status then Positive Singles is not the website to join. Many people do not think an STD will happen to them. Catching an STD could be life changing. Certain STDs such as herpes and HIV are not curable. Positive Singles has over a million and a half members. It is the best and safest website to join for individuals who have an STD. If you have not been tested for an STD, get tested.