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Each year there are millions of new reportable STD cases. In the year 2016, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recorded over two million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. In 2016 gay men totaled 26,000 new HIV case and accounted for 70% of HIV infections. Tinder and Grindr are dating websites that often cause one nightstands that could lead to unprotected sex. The Tinder app encourages gay men to hookup. Rhode Island’s Department of Health blames Tinder and Grindr for causing a surprising increase with new chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis infections. With STDs on the rise there are people who want to keep a partner safe and reduce the spread of STDs.

Online STD dating websites such as Positive Singles have members who are more concerned with meeting a partner and having safe sex. People who join STD dating websites have the intent of telling a partner about their STD. Telling a partner about an STD allows a partner to make a choice if they want to have sex or not. It also shows that you are interested in ensuring that the other person does not catch the virus. If a partner knows you have an STD, the virus will be less likely to spread to a partner. If a partner knows you have an STD safe sex is more likely to happen. If an STD negative partner knows his or her partner has an STD, resource could be used to educate them about safe sex. Taking medication, getting tested for STDs, and using protection often reduces the chance of passing an STD to a partner.

Often the members of STD dating sites are looking to date someone who also has an STD. A person may not want to worry too much about rejection. If a partner has the same STD as you rejection is much less likely to occur. Telling a partner about your STD shows your responsible. Engaging in safe sex is often associated with getting tested for STD. Being educated about how STDs are spread is a major step in reducing the number of reportable STD cases.

In 2012 Tinder was launched as dating app that has over ten million daily users. Tinder is based on using a swipe with the finger, rather then exchanging e-mails or viewing another member’s profile. With millions of people using apps like Tinder, multiply sexual encounters occur. A person can easily have several partners a year and not get tested for an STD. If a person with an STD does not intend on telling a partner about their STD status they often join hookup sites such as Tinder and Grindr.  The more sexual encounters a person has means they are more likely to catch a reportable disease.

Dating STD websites like Positivesingles educate the members about the symptoms of STDs, the importance of taking medication for the treatment of an STD, managing STD symptoms, and knowing how to communicate you having an STD to a partner. Taking care of your health by having safe sex often leads to responsible choices like getting tested for an STD before starting a new relationship. Without STD dating websites the rise of reportable sexually transmitted disease could even be higher. Education, connection to STD treatment, and forming a supportive network could help decrease the amount of STDs that spread. Individuals with an STD could have safe sex with a person who does or does not have an STD. An STD negative partner wouldn’t be likely to catch a new infection if safe sex and educated occurs about the spread of  STDs.

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