Herpes Causes

The Main Causes of Cold Sores And Genital Herpes?

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Cold Sores and Genital Herpes

The herpes simplex virus is an infection of the skin. Cold sores are the result of herpes surfacing the skin. Calling a blister a cold sore rather than herpes is socially accepted. Herpes causes small sores on the mouth that isn’t caused by injury or malnutrition. Many people don’t realize that a simple cold sore is usually a mild symptom of herpes. Sometimes herpes will be referred to as a fever blister. When herpes surfaces the skin a warm or hot sensation may occur. Some of the symptoms of herpes are a single cold sore, burning, itching, or a tingling sensation.

Depending on the pathway the herpes virus travels determines where the outbreak will occur. The herpes virus is likely to travel through the same nerve pathways throughout the body. Therefore herpes outbreaks are likely to occur on the same spot. The spot of the herpes outbreaks could vary a bit depending on the nerve pathway the virus travels. When the virus reaches the surface of the skin these symptoms could occur. Herpes is spread through direct vaginal, anal, genital, or oral contact with the virus. If the herpes virus is active, a partner is at a high risk to catch the virus. Seem there is likely to be direct skin-to-skin contact with the virus.

The main reason why genital herpes is so common is because unsafe sex happens. By having unprotected sex a person is at increase risk to come in direct contact with the herpes virus. In many cases a condom isn’t used because an individual assumes that his or her partner doesn’t have herpes. Just because you don’t see the virus doesn’t mean a person isn’t likely to carry the virus. Many people who have herpes thought they would never catch the virus. In many cases not being educated about how herpes is spread leads to a person catching the virus.

Some sexually active adults don’t completely understand how herpes is spread. Even if a condom is used the virus can still spread. A condom doesn’t always cover the whole base of the penis or the entire genital region. A partner’s genital could come in direct contact with the herpes virus when a condom is used. Sometimes a condom is expired, exposed to sunlight, too loose, or not the proper condom to use. A lubrication condom decreases the odds of a condom breaking. A latex condom is the most effective type of condom.  Using a condom properly won’t prevent you from catching herpes. However, it will greatly decrease the chance of catching the virus. Sometimes there isn’t always a way to prevent the virus from spread.

Just about every sexually active adult has kissed someone and most people kissed many partners. When a couple kisses there isn’t a protective barrier from kissing. Therefore a person is coming in direct skin-to-skin contact with a partner’s mouth. As a result herpes is very likely to spread. If one person carries the herpes virus, the virus is likely to spread if kissing takes place over a course of time. The human body often weakens the virus. As a result very mild outbreaks occur or no symptoms at all. If a person has an unexpected oral cold sore often nothing is thought of it. Oral herpes very rarely causes health problems. It’s so common and often misunderstood. Being educated about how herpes is spread, taking medication as needed, and getting facts about herpes from creditable resources often helps a person understand how to have safe sex. Having safe sex reduces the chance of passing the virus to others.

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