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Most important: Coping Techniques To Know About Herpes

Diagnosed With Herpes
Diagnosed With Herpes

Being diagnosed with herpes could change the way an individual approaches a partner when it comes to dating. The thought of having herpes could actually prevent an individual from asking a partner on a date or to be committed to a relationship. The thought of rejection may come to mind when a person sees an attractive partner. A person may think, “This person won’t want to date me” or “If I have sex with this person I will give him the virus for sure”. In order to have a healthy relationship it’s important to know how to manage your thoughts and be full educated about how herpes could impact you.

The first step to managing your thoughts is to become educated about how to have safe sex and how the virus is spread. Once an individual knows the facts about herpes, the way he or she perceives the situation could change.  If herpes outbreaks aren’t present the chance of passing the virus to a partner is very low. Research proves that the herpes virus isn’t likely to spread if a person hasn’t shown any symptoms of the virus for months or years. Once a person does research about herpes the level of comfort of having the virus gradually increases. Understanding how the virus affects the body and how the virus spreads greatly reduces the chance of passing the virus to others.  Knowing what treatments are available to you could also help your situation. Medication could greatly reduce the chance of passing the virus to a partner.

Seeing a medical doctor is likely to help your situation. A physician could prescribe medication to help manage the symptoms of herpes. Herpes outbreaks are more common when a person is first diagnosed with herpes. However, outbreaks could occur any given time. If the symptoms of herpes are managed you may feel better knowing that the virus is less likely to spread to a partner.  Once you feel better about yourself certain lifestyle changes could be made to manage the virus. That could also affect the way a potential partner is approach and possible lead to a successful relationship.

Even if herpes is managed it could still be an embarrassing situation for many. Some individuals with herpes may live in a small town, have the same friends as a potential partner in their social circle, and know the medical doctors personally.  In many cases seeking additional support could be helpful. Feeling depressed and worrying about the future could also affect one’s self-esteem. Many people are scared or feel they don’t need a therapist, psychologist, or additional mental health support to deal with having herpes. Herpes is a medical condition that could be managed. Everyone copes with a particular situation in a different way. Once a person changes their thinking process the way they interact with others and perceive a situation will also change.

Feeling rejected by a partner for having herpes could cause an individual to feel unwanted. The way we feel how others view us could reflect on our own self-images. Before feeling rejected or too hurt it’s important to realize that tens of millions of adults in the USA have herpes. Changing the way you view having herpes could actually change the image you have of dating. Having herpes should be viewed as being a manageable virus, rather living with punishment. Living with herpes isn’t an individual’s choice and it’s out of a person’s control. Remember your feelings are normal. It takes time to accept how you feel, and help is available. It could be tough and challenging to view a life-changing situation in a positive way. If any negative thoughts come to mind try to think of an opposite thought. Often negative thoughts occur to avoid hurt or rejection.

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