Herpes Transmission

Impact Genital Herpes Has on Women’s Health

Herpes is a virus that is spread through mucous membrane. Mucous membranes include the lining inside the mouth, nose, lips, penis, vagina, and the anus. According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about one in four women are a carrier for the genital herpes virus. About one in eight men carry the genital herpes virus. Women are more likely to catch the virus from a man, than a man is from a woman. Genital herpes could put a woman at a higher risk to catch, HIV and other STDs.

Herpes alone very rarely causes serious medical conditions. Herpes often causes tears and breaks in the skin. A tear or break in the skin makes it easier for HIV to enter the body. Herpes could enter a female’s body through the lining of the vagina or labia. Genital herpes increases the number of CD4 cells found on the vagina. HIV attacks the CD4 cells to enter the body. According to the CDC having a genital herpes infection increases the risk of catching HIV by at least three fold. Many females with herpes don’t realize the risk of catch HIV.

Even if a female doesn’t experience symptoms of the herpes the virus is still likely to spread. Herpes increase the number of CD4 cells found on the vagina even if the virus is dormant or if there are no visible signs of the virus. Many females don’t show symptoms of the herpes virus. Herpes could remain asymptomatic for any amount of time. The herpes virus could go into remission for any period of time. Herpes travels through different nerve pathways. Depending on the pathway the virus travels depends on where the herpes outbreak will occur on the vagina or genital area. Herpes outbreaks could shift. Outbreaks usually occur around the same place, seem the virus usually travels through the same nerve pathways. If herpes is managed outbreaks are much less likely to occur. There are certain factors that could contribute to genital herpes outbreaks.

During a females menstrual cycle hormones are released. The release of hormones affects certain changes within the body. Herpes outbreaks may occur during this time of the month. Stress also contributes to genital herpes outbreaks. If a female exercises, maintains a health diet, doesn’t smoke, takes medication as prescribe, and lives health the chance of having genital herpes outbreaks will be significantly lower. The symptoms of herpes could reoccur even after years of catching the virus.

If a condom is used and if safe sex happen the chances are low a women with catch or spread the virus to a partner. Medications like Valtrex and Acyclovir could also be used to reduce herpes outbreaks. Medication doesn’t always eliminate the symptoms of herpes. With proper medical treatment it’s rare the herpes virus will spread to an infant. If a female has genital herpes its important to inform your medical doctors. A C-section is often performed if a female has herpes outbreaks during the six to nine month of her pregnancy.

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