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How Do I Educate A Partner About Herpes?

Living With Herpes
Living With Herpes

Before an individual talks to a partner about herpes its important to be fully educated about how the virus is spread. When obtaining information about herpes it’s best to get the facts from government resources or major organizations. Obtaining information from articles that doctors and other professionals write could be misleading and contain wrong information. The information about herpes that an individual obtains could change the way a couple engage in sexual intercourse. Getting accurate information is important.It’s important to look at a wide range of articles. Once you find an article that contains good information you could read the article with your partner.

When you do research about herpes with your partner be prepared to answer any questions your partner may have. You and your partner could also write any questions you have about herpes. A doctor should answer any questions that you write down. A professional who knows about STDs could help answer any questions you may have. Sometimes even after doing research a person may still have questions. A person with herpes should know how to have safe sex, how to reduce herpes outbreaks, and how herpes is spread. Understanding how herpes could spread and how to reduce the chance of passing the virus to a partner helps keep a partner safe.

There are a variety of resources that could help an individual with herpes become more educated about how the virus affects the body, how herpes spreads, and how to keep a partner safe. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a toll free number anyone could call to ask questions about herpes or another STD. The number is 1800-CDC-INFO. The Herpes Resource Center is also another value resource. The Herpes Resource Center could be reached at (919) 361-8488. Both of these resources have live people you could spread with who are trained to answer your question about herpes. Some private insurance companies have a phone number on the back of the insurance card to speak to a live nurse. Sometimes the on call nurses could help answer any questions you have about herpes or another STD.

It’s best to explain to a partner how herpes outbreaks could be reduced. If you’re in a relationship it’s important to get emotional support from your partner. Eating healthy, not smoking, exercising, reducing stress and maintaining a healthy lifestyle greatly help reduce herpes outbreaks. If a partner understands how to reduce herpes outbreaks s/he could provide support. A couple could work on quitting smoking, eating health, and exercising. If herpes is managed the chance of a partner catching the virus could be very low. Taking medication as prescribed could reduce the chance of passing herpes to a partner by 50% or more. It’s important to find a medication the works well for you.

It’s important to understand the meaning of herpes test. Understanding herpes blood test and swab test results is important to help reduce the chance of passing the virus to a partner. Herpes is a virus of the skin. Herpes could spread by coming in direct genital, oral, or anal contact with the virus. A blood test doesn’t always detect the virus, if the virus is weak. Herpes may not always be detected by a swab test if the virus isn’t on the surface of the skin. The most effective way of being diagnosed with herpes is for a doctor to see active herpes outbreaks. If herpes outbreaks aren’t present the herpes virus could hide in the central nervous system and go undetected for any period of time.

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