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For herpes singles looking for a date, wanting to make new friends, find activity partners, or receive support, HMates delivers. The website claims to be fun, interactive, safe, anonymous and free to join. Members of its growing online global community can enjoy an active social life with rewarding experiences. With over 23,000 memebers, HMates is a smaller herpes dating site, but proclaims to be a growing community.

The HMates homepage is inviting and welcoming with a large graphic featuring a diverse group of people, a company overview in the middle and intuitive navigation at the top and bottom of the page. While the home page offers links for searching, browsing, chatting and more. Visitors must have an account before they can access these features.

Creating a free account is simple and fast. The first step is registering an email address. Once the email address has been confirmed, creating the account includes answering a large number of questions, the vast majority of which are required. Be prepared to spend some time doing this. After submitting your profile it is reviewed before being posted. This can take up to one day. While uploading a photo is optional, if you don’t you cannot see photos of other members. This process is cumbersome and the time delay before actually interacting on the site might turn people off.

Once successfully logged in the site’s full features are available. The search feature let you pick a set of criteria to search from including gender, age and location to quickly narrow down the field to interesting people that only meet the selected criteria. While not highly populated, the chat room lets you interact directly with others that are online. There may not be anyone in the chat room that is a potential local friend or date, but it can be interesting talking online with others. The chat room can be used to set online dates with perspective dates as a way to get to know each other better before meeting in person.

Other resources are also available to members including a variety of blogs on topics related to STDs, herpes and dating. There is also a review section. One valuable resource available to anyone from the home page is a section on HPV information. This section answers general questions about the HPV virus and then directs the visitor to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for further information.

HMates is a fun website to check out, but its smaller population and more complex and slow registration process may not be worth the effort.

Membership Costs

  • One-month membership for $12
  • 3-month membership for $30
  • 6-month membership for $48
  • 12-month membership for $72

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Purchase a membership through PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, Echeck or Electronic Fund Transfer Payments.

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