Herpes Symptoms

How To Handle The Social Stigma of Herpes?

herpes stigma
Herpes Stigma

When an individual is newly diagnosed with herpes is can a surprise. Most people who catch herpes never thought they would catch the virus. Prior to catching herpes people have their opinion about individual’s who are living with and STD. Catching herpes or an STD may change the way a person views having herpes. If someone views having herpes as negative and gives up hope on dating, that mindset could lead to depress, and social isolation. A person may not knowingly reject potential friends and partners. One of the few ways to reduce social stigma is through education.

Many people who catch herpes may need time to think clear and to get their thoughts together. Being diagnosed with herpes could change a person’s sex life. It’s important not to believe that a single with herpes is unclean, had a lot of partners, and that someone will be rejected by any potential partner. The fact is 16% of sexually active adults carry the HSV-2 antibodies. Herpes is a rather common sexually transmitted disease. It’s a virus of the skin that could be managed. If a person is educated about how the virus spreads and if safe sex happens the chance of passing genital herpes to a partner is very low.

Do research about herpes helps an individual understand how the virus is spread and how to have safe sex. When you do research you want accurate information. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is a good resource to obtain information about herpes. Getting accurate information about herpes give a person answers about how to manage the virus. As a person becomes more educated about how herpes is spread that will also improve the chance of having a successful relationship. Part of having a successful relationship and handling social stigma caused by herpes is to have a strong mindset.

The way we think others will view us often impact the way we relate to others. A person who caught herpes may feel, “Who will want to date me now?” Rewording a negative thought could actually change the way you feel about yourself. That statement could be reworded to, “I will educate myself about herpes and continue to do the things I enjoy. I will meet the right person in time”. Thinking positive will help a person with herpes explain how the virus is spread and the actually facts about herpes to a potential partner. Judging someone for having a condition it an unfair believe. Being aware of how herpes affects you could actually help you reduce social stigma and reach a goal of meeting a potential partner. Being educated about the symptoms of herpes and herpes testing also helps reduce stereotypes about herpes.

The average person doesn’t know what the signs and symptoms of herpes are. Understanding the symptoms of herpes could raise awareness about herpes testing and get people who may have the virus to be properly diagnosed. Herpes is a virus the hides in the central nervous system. Most people have very mild symptoms or no symptoms of the virus. An individual cold sore is considered a mild symptom of herpes. Medication such as Valtrex reduces the chance of passing genital herpes to a partner by 50% or more. Understanding how herpes is spread and how others view having herpes could help a person view having herpes in a way where the condition is more socially accepted.

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