Dating With Herpes

Herpes: Single and Dating

There are many situations where a couple separates. In other instances a person may want to have sexual relationships, rather than a committed relationship. Regardless, it is important to understand how herpes is diagnosed. Understanding how herpes affects you and a partner increases the chance of having successful relationships. Knowing the signs and symptoms of the virus could prevent the herpes from spreading. An individual with herpes is more likely to catch HIV. It is important for you and your partner to know your STD status. It can be challenging for a person living with herpes to take the initiative to get tested.

The most effective way to know you have herpes is to get tested while the symptoms are active. If you feel have active sores on your mouth or genitals see a doctor as soon as possible. Some of the symptoms of herpes include a burning, itching or tingling sensation. If you experience frequent symptoms of herpes safe sex can occur. In addition medication could be prescribed to reduce the chance of passing the virus to a partner. A person with herpes should educate a partner about how the virus is spread. If a partner knows how the virus is spread safe sex can occur.

When you talk to a partner explain how herpes is spread and how to have safe sex. You could even do research about herpes with a partner. Knowing the facts about how herpes spreads helps reduce the social stigma attached to the condition. Many people who have herpes never get outbreaks or show very mild symptoms of the virus. There is not always a way to know if a person has herpes, seen the body often weakens the virus. Herpes may not always be detected on a blood test or a viral swab test. A person may not always know if they caught the virus or if they carry the virus. If outbreaks never occurred the chance of spreading the virus is very low. A person living with herpes does not have to remain single or worry too much about rejection

There are dating websites for singles with herpes. provides a support environment for people with herpes. The website offers online counseling services, success stories, STD resources, and more. Even if you are newly diagnose or had the virus for years, there is someone out there for you. Herpes very rarely causes serious health conditions. Herpes is very rarely harmful to an infant. Herpes very rarely prevents a couple from reaching their goal of having a family. Disclosing you have this condition shows a partner you care about his or her wellness.  It also allows the other person to make a choice if they want to start a relationship or not. Finding the right person or having a sexual relationships depends mostly how strong a couple feels for one another, rather than having herpes alone.

There will be partners who will not want a relationship with an individual who has herpes. Being single with herpes could be depressing and hard to receive support. Positive Singles will help make STD dating an experience that will be remembered.  There are millions of people who are living with herpes. No matter what the struggle is, you will not have to be alone.

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