Herpes Outbreaks

Herpes Outbreak and Flu Season

Herpes Outbreaks

The symptoms of herpes vary from person to person. In some cases a person who recently caught herpes may not show any signs or symptoms of the virus. The more intense symptoms of herpes often occur when a person first catches the virus. Herpes could cause a burning, itching or tingling feeling on the surface of the skin. Oral herpes could cause swollen lymph nodes on the neck, which could make it difficult to swallow. A fever, headache, or fatigue may also occur. If you experience any of these symptoms it is best to see a doctor while these symptoms are active. Having intense symptoms of herpes could be mistaken for the flu. The symptoms of herpes could be treated with medications.

A person who has the flu may experience headaches, a fever, fatigue, body aches, and other symptoms. If you think you have the flu it is best to see a doctor while the symptoms are active. A doctor would give you an accurate diagnose and let you know if you are experiencing the symptoms of herpes or have the flu. The flu could result in health complications and an additional infection could occur. The flu weakens the immune system, which makes a person more prone to catch infections. Therefore a person with the flu would be more likely to get herpes.

There are some cases where an individual who has herpes think they have the flu. In reality there are cases where herpes outbreaks occur while a person has the flu. The symptoms of herpes could add to the symptoms of the flu. For example, herpes could cause the lymph nodes to feel swollen and the flu could do the same. If you have the flu and active symptoms of herpes sometimes it is hard to figure out if herpes is making the symptoms worse. If you think you have the flu or herpes outbreaks it is best to see a medical doctor while the symptoms are active. Medication could be prescribed to reduce herpes symptoms.

The flu is most common during the winter. The virus survives best in a cold and dry environment. In cold weather the lips could become cracked and dry, which could contribute to oral herpes outbreaks. Make sure you are using lip balm, eating healthy, avoiding stress, and washing your hands before touching your face. This will decrease the chance of getting the flu. If you feel sick you should stay home and cover your mouth when you cough. The flu could survive in air droplets for hours. Whether you have herpes or the flu it is important to eat healthy, drink water, and to maintain a strong immune system. Maintaining a healthy immune system decreases the chance of catching the flu or getting herpes outbreaks.

Stress is one of the major factors that contribute to herpes. Try not to stress over the holiday season. Having previous herpes outbreaks indicate that there is a chance you could get outbreaks again. If the body is under stress you are more venerable to catching the flu because the body produces chemicals when under stress. The response your body has to stress helps the body fight any foreign viruses such as herpes or the flu.

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