Herpes Outbreaks

Herpes: Managing My Anxiety

Being diagnosed with herpes could cause anxiety, depressions and a mixture of emotions.  When a person has herpes they may feel nervous or tense thinking about the outcome of telling a partner about their STD status. The thought of telling a coworker whom you want to date or a friend in your social circle may cause tension. When you socialize with people there might be a situation where you develop feelings for someone in your social circle.

If you develop feelings for someone at work or who is in your social circle it’s important to trust that person. You only want to tell someone about your herpes diagnosis that you trust and who won’t tell others. If a coworker your dating or trying to dates tells your coworkers you have herpes it could be an embarrassing situation. It could also affect you professionally. You also don’t want people in your social circle knowing you have herpes. Some people decide to date online. Telling a partner that you have herpes allows the other person a choice if they want to have a relationship with you or not.

Some potential partners won’t want to have a relationship with someone who has herpes diagnosis.  Meeting a partner has mostly to do with how strong your feelings are for each other. It’s important to know how to talk to a partner about herpes. If your prepare yourself to talk to a partner less anxiety may occur. Thinking of the future and an expected outcome could cause a person to feel anxious.

If rejection occurs additional anxiety and depression could occur. Being rejected could bring down an individual’s self-esteem.  It’s important to evaluate any negative thoughts you have.  Think if the logic to your thought is actually true and how you feel when that thought comes to mind. By evaluating a situation it could help a person think clearer and prepare a person for a successful relationship, therefore anxiety could reduce.  Many negative thoughts aren’t true and are results of a situation that occurred.

Even if you feel rejected by a partner or feel you won’t meet your match its important to go out and socialize. Remember that your feelings are valid. Its okay to feel depressed due to loss or a life-changing situation. If you stay home all day and avoid contact with other it typically adds to depression. You could set a time limit that you will socialize with others and stick to the plan.

Rejection is something that everyone has to deal with in life. After rejection occurs its okay to be hurt. Being rejected doesn’t reflect an image of you as a person. If a relationship doesn’t work you should give yourself enough time to cope with the situation. There are always options to find the right person and to be able to socialize with other. Worrying about what others think often causes anxiousness or social isolate. Focusing on the moment, preparing yourself to meet a partner or to socialize more could reduce anxious.

If you feel rejected or have a hard time dealing with have herpes you should have a support available. Having a trusted friend to talk to could help you think more clearly. Good friendships could boost your self-esteem and self-confidence. Friends could motivate you to accomplish or do certain things. Seeing a therapist or psychologist could help identify your thoughts and deal with your feeling in a positive way. Accept that anxiety is part of life and it can be managed.

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