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Herpes: Knowing what to do after your diagnose

When you first see or think you have active symptoms of herpes you may feel confused. The only way to be diagnosed with herpes is to see a doctor. Certain conditions or symptoms of herpes could be mistaken for something else. Having a doctor say you have herpes could cause a wide range of emotions. Thoughts about herpes dating, how you caught the virus, having sex, meeting the person of your dreams, and being able to live a regular life will come to mind.

After being diagnose with herpes it is important to know how the herpes simplex virus is spread, how to manage herpes symptoms, and how to reduce the chance of passing the virus to a partner. Herpes is just an infection in the skin and the condition could be managed. Taking medication, avoiding sex during an outbreak, and knowing when you will get an outbreak is a major key to managing the virus. Medication could significantly reduce the chance of getting an outbreak and passing the virus to a partner. Know how to talk to a partner about herpes and how to have safe sex could contribute to having successful relationships.

Before you tell a partner about herpes it’s important to do research and be prepared to answer questions a potential partner may have. When you talk to a partner about safe sex you should know how the herpes virus spreads, the symptoms of the virus, how to reduce the chance of passing the virus to a partner, and what questions to ask your medical doctor. Telling a partner about herpes allows a partner to make a choice. It also encourages a couple to have safe sex and to raise awareness about the virus. Some partner’s will want a relationship with someone who has a herpes diagnose and others may not. In many cases a person with herpes meets his or her mother. Due to the stigma of herpes or a fear of catching the virus a partner may decide not to date someone with the virus.

Being rejected, worrying about how to meet a partner, and having a fear of rejection could have psychological affect on a person. Seeing a licensed mental health counselor, psychologist, or therapist could be beneficial. Often negative thoughts arise due to past experiences, predicting a potential outcome of a situation, or viewing a situation as being negative. Evaluating your feelings, changing negative thoughts to positive thoughts could give a person hope. Herpes is a medical condition that could be managed. The condition is very common. There are ways to help keep a partner safe and to have successful relationships.

Part of keeping potential partners herpes free is being diagnosed with the virus and understanding your test results. Ask your doctor questions and see a doctor which the symptoms are present. If a person experiences symptoms of the virus and is not diagnosed with the virus then the virus is more likely to spread. The most effective way to be diagnosed with herpes is for a doctor to see active outbreaks. The herpes blood test is not recommended by the Center for Disease Control. The herpes antibodies may not be detected seem the body naturally weakens the virus. Know when and where to get tested for the virus helps give an effective diagnose.

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