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Herpes: Are You Hopeful or Hopeless?

Feeling hopeful or hopeless is determined by the response of having herpes. The way having herpes is perceived could reflect different reactions. Coming to terms with accepting that herpes is a lifetime STD is difficult and takes time. Understanding how a herpes infection impacts the body and knowing the facts about the condition helps manage the condition. We must know how the virus is spread, how to have safe sex, the symptoms of herpes, and how to tell a potential partner about the condition. The ability to take charge of thoughts will help improve negative thoughts.

Herpes is manageable if treated. Medication and safe sex greatly reduces the chance of the virus being passing to a potential partner. If the symptoms of the virus are weak the chance of passing the virus is even low. You could even do research with a partner, to learn more about herpes facts. Education is one way to reduce social stigma. Feeling judged for having herpes diagnoses leads to negative thinking. Telling a partner about herpes could be a sensitive topic. Having a conversation about herpes shows you care about the other person and allows them to make a choice. There will be some partners who won’t want to date a person with herpes.

Changing the way a situation is perceived helps improve a situation. Instead of thinking, “No one will want to date me. I’m unclean and a partner will get the virus”. You could change that thought to, “ I could date someone who already has herpes on a dating website. I could also educate a potential partner and have safe sex. I will meet the right person for me”. We can be aware of the actual facts of having herpes or be blinded by clouded thoughts. Not realizing the actuality of a situation may cause hurt and clouded thoughts. Feeling that no one will want to date anyone who has herpes causes negative expectations and could lead to rejection. Rejection could be caused by past experiences. Are you hopeful or hopeless?

Having control of a situation causes Hope. With a hopeful situation there is intent that something good will happen even for those living with herpes. Hope is a state of mind that allows the thought of positive outcomes and expectations. You body will feel relaxed and you can set a reasonable goal to meet someone of your choice. Hope allows people do continue to do the things they enjoy. Your focus will be on what you want to accomplish and will motivate you to reach your goals. You’re more likely to have high energy.

You have no control over your thoughts and your thoughts feel foggy. With a hopeless situation there is no intent that something good will happen, for those diagnosed with herpes. Feeling hopeless is a state of mind that creates negative thoughts, outcomes, and expectations. Your body will feel tense and stressed out. You may need to seek counseling services to cope with the situation. If herpes is viewed in a negative manner a feeling of hopelessness will occur. Human brains are designed to have positive and negative emotions. We can be hurt by how others perceive us.

Sometimes we can’t control how we feel about a situation. Past experiences are part of who we are. It’s important to accept how you feel and to seek professional counseling services if needed. During difficult times it’s okay to seek help. Doing activities you enjoy doing helps manage negative emotions. Setting goals gives us hope. Giving up hope often leads to negative thinking.

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