Dating With Herpes

Genital Herpes: Psychological Collision Solutions When Dating Online

Online Herpes Dating

Psychological collision

A new or existing herpes diagnose could affect how a person views having herpes. The most common psychological thoughts are worrying about how you will meet your match, feeling anxious, angry, hopeless, or depressed. These feelings could lead to lack of social interest and isolation from daily activities. There are online dating websites like Positive Singles that help individuals living with herpes meet their match. The thought of rejection is likely to occur. The thought of spreading the virus to a potential partner or catching a new sexually transmitted disease (STD) is likely to be present. If a herpes positive person dates someone who already has the virus, rejection is much likely to occur

Having herpes could lead to rejecting potential partners, due to having the fear of a potential partner rejecting them. A person may not want anyone in their social circle to know they are diagnosed with herpes. The social stigma attached to herpes could affect the way others view that person if the information is passed on to others.

Online Dating

If a herpes positive couple dates it could give them hope to have a successful relationship. The fear of people at work, in their social circle, or within the community knowing about their diagnose will reduce. In addition online herpes dating websites such as Positive Singles has a supportive community with like-minded people. A person with herpes should be able to comfortably mange his or her feelings without a social stigma. Once a person establishes a support system depression, anxiety, and other emotions could be managed. Online dating herpes websites give the members a chance to share their treatment stories, compare experiences, and to talk to others who are going through the same experiences. The way herpes is viewed could change the relationships a herpes positive individual has.

Managing Emotions

Establishing relationships with others who have similar experiences help people think clear minded. Part of managing herpes symptoms is to know how to manage the symptoms of herpes, and to get connected to medical treatment if needed.  Taking medication, managing stress, managing anxiety, and living a healthy lifestyle could also help reduce outbreaks. If a person feels he or she can manage herpes symptoms they will be more likely to join an online dating website. Having herpes outbreaks could be embarrassing and a person may not want to have a sexual relationship with his or her partner. Dating a herpes positive person from an online dating website could lead to friendship, serious relationships, or marriage.

Disclosing your Herpes Status

It is important for a couple with herpes to discuss their herpes status if they met from an online herpes dating website or in person. It is important to think about how you will talk to a partner about herpes, where you will have the conversation, and to allow the other person to ask questions.

HSV-1 and HSV-2 are two different strains of herpes. HSV-1 is usually oral herpes and HSV-2 is usually genital herpes. Both strains could spread genitally and orally. Genital herpes could spread to a partner orally from oral sex vice versa. If a couple has the same strain of genital herpes the virus is not likely to spread orally through oral sex. Safe sex greatly reduces the chance of passing the virus to a partner. A couple with herpes who met on an online dating website may want to discuss their outbreak history and how they feel about having sex during an outbreak. Disclosing your herpes status and the symptoms you experience could help improve a couple’s relationship.

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