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Why Do I Still Feel Depressed After Catching Herpes?

Herpes Support
Herpes Support

Everyone who is diagnosed with herpes should acknowledge that it’s perfectly okay to feel depressed and to get emotional after catching herpes. With education and experience living with herpes you will have a clearer mind and accept the situation. A person’s thoughts about a situation that could be life changing often causes a person to feel depressed.  The stigma of having herpes and thought about what a potential partner will think could cause depression. Having to worry about the struggles of finding a partner or feeling shamefully could cause a world of hurt. Feeling unwanted or as a spoil goods could lead to low self-esteem and even cause a person to isolate. Herpes does not mean that a person was sleeping around. Stereotypes are caused by lack of education and ignorance. In order to be involved in a healthy relationship it’s important to look at the facts about having herpes. Once a person accepts herpes certain changes could be made within their lives.

The truth is that the average person doesn’t know how herpes is spread or how the virus actually affects the body. Once you do research you will discover that many people have the virus, the virus often isn’t highly contagious, and that you could have healthy relationship. The virus will last a lifetime; herpes doesn’t define who you are as a person. Being educated about the facts of herpes could help change the way you view the situation. There are medications and ways to have safe sex. The virus often doesn’t even spread to a partner. Also realize the herpes could be managed and the chance of passing the virus to a partner is often low.

Even after you did your research you may still feel down.  Isolating yourself or thinking negative doesn’t help an individual meet his or her match. It’s important to go out and socialize, talk to a trust friend, and to continue doing the things you enjoyed before you caught the virus. If you explain how herpes affects the body and tell a partner you have the virus it shows you care about that person’s well being. The truth is some partners will not want a relationship and others will. In time you will find what you’re looking for in a relationship. A couple with herpes is very likely to have healthy children. It’s very rare for herpes to cause serious health conditions. It’s important not to blame yourself or criticize the situation. Herpes could happen to anyone and it’s typically unexpected.

According to the Center for Disease Control and prevention 16% of sexually active adults carry the virus. Most people don’t get outbreaks seem the body naturally weakens the virus. If you criticize yourself enough, you will actually believe negative thoughts about the situation. Thinking negative could lead to low self-esteem. Sometimes talking to a mental health professional will help you alter your ways of thinking so you could have a healthy life. The fact is there are millions of people who will still enjoy your company and have similar interest as you.

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