Dating With Herpes

Biggest Misconceptions About Dating With Herpes

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Dating With Herpes

Once a person catches herpes they carry the virus for life. The fact is that herpes is a non-curable sexually transmitted infection. However, there is a social stigma attached to herpes, which causes misbelieve about the virus. Certain people aren’t educated about the facts of herpes. Therefore an individual who has herpes might be judged and viewed in a different manner. When an individual with herpes looks for a potential partner and discloses s/he has herpes a partner may not want to enter the relationship. It’s important to educate a potential partner. Education and knowing the facts about herpes is one way to greatly reduce social stigma and to increase the chance of entering a successful relationship.

Catching herpes doesn’t mean a person had a lot of sexual partners or that a particular person is unclean. Herpes is a virus of the skin that anyone can catch. According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention about sixteen percent of sexually active adults carry the HSV-2 antibodies. At least eight percent of sexually active adults are a carrier for the HSV-1 virus. HSV-1 is usually the cause of oral herpes. The human body usually weakens the virus. Therefore the herpes virus may remain dormant in the central nervous system for days, weeks, months, or years. In fact most people who carry the virus don’t get outbreaks, seem the immune system naturally weakens the virus. When herpes is dormant there often isn’t a way to detect the virus. Even when a person gets a simple cold sore that’s a result of a herpes outbreak. The chances are high you already kissed an individual with herpes and that the virus is dormant in your immune system. The chances are likely that there will never be any symptoms of the virus.

In many cases genital herpes isn’t likely to spread. There are many cases when an individual had sexual intercourse with a partner who has herpes and the virus was never spread. Medication like Valtrex and Acyclovir greatly reduces the chance of getting genital herpes outbreaks and spreading the virus to a partner. If there aren’t any genital herpes outbreaks present that indicates that the virus is weak. When herpes is weak the chances of the virus surfacing the skin is low. If herpes isn’t on the surface of the skin, the virus can’t spread to a partner. However, herpes could surface the skin and an individual may not realize it. If safe sex is practiced, if medication is taken as needed, and if your partner is educated about how the virus is spread the chances are high that the virus won’t spread to a partner. If a partner understands that herpes isn’t likely to spread, that will increase your chances of having a successful relationship.

Just because you have herpes that doesn’t mean that you won’t meet a partner or that a partner will not want to enter the relationship. Your herpes dating life is not over. If you tell a partner about your situation it allows the other person to make a choice and it also shows you’re an honest individual. If a couple cares about another, a successful relationship is more likely to happen. There are going to be partners who will respectfully turn down the relationship. Meeting an ideal partner takes time. If a partner doesn’t want to enter a relationship it’s important to realize that’s not the right person to date or to have sexual intercourse with. It’s important not to allow yourself to feel depressed if a partner rejects you for having herpes. There could also be many other reasons and thoughts an individual has that might be preventing them from entering the relationship. Life is abundant and it’s important to look at all options to seek happiness.

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