Dating With Herpes

Genital Herpes: Psychological Collision Solutions When Dating Online

Psychological collision A new or existing herpes diagnose could affect how a person views having herpes. The most common psychological thoughts are worrying about how you will meet your match, feeling anxious, angry, hopeless, or depressed. These feelings could lead to lack of social interest and isolation from daily activities. There are online dating websites […]

Herpes Outbreaks

Herpes Outbreak and Flu Season

The symptoms of herpes vary from person to person. In some cases a person who recently caught herpes may not show any signs or symptoms of the virus. The more intense symptoms of herpes often occur when a person first catches the virus. Herpes could cause a burning, itching or tingling feeling on the surface […]

Dating With Herpes

Herpes: Single and Dating

There are many situations where a couple separates. In other instances a person may want to have sexual relationships, rather than a committed relationship. Regardless, it is important to understand how herpes is diagnosed. Understanding how herpes affects you and a partner increases the chance of having successful relationships. Knowing the signs and symptoms of […]

Herpes Posts

Genital Herpes: What Women Need to Know

Herpes is an infection of the skin. The virus enters the body by coming in direct contact with the virus through mucous membranes. Mucous membranes where genital herpes enters the body are the penis and the vagina. When herpes surfaces on the skin a partner’s skin could rub against a partner’s genitals and that could […]