Dating With Herpes

10 Original Tips For Dating With Herpes

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10 Herpes Dating Tips

Educate yourself about herpes

If your partner has herpes you want to keep the chance of passing the virus as low as possible. If safe sex happens the chance of passing genital herpes to a partner could be low. Read articles that come from major organizations, city, and government resources. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has accurate information about how herpes is spread and how it affects the body. Sometimes articles written by doctors or professionals aren’t completely accurate. When you educate yourself or your partner about herpes you should know how the virus is spread, how the virus affects the body, and how to have safe sex.

See your medical doctor

The only way to know for sure you have herpes is to be properly diagnosed by a medical doctor. The most effective way to be diagnosed with herpes is for a doctor to see active outbreaks. If you experience any of the symptoms of herpes such as a rash, burning, itching, or tingling feeling you should also see a doctor It’s important not to diagnose yourself with herpes. Herpes could be mistaken for other conditions. If a doctor isn’t sure the symptoms your experiencing is caused by herpes or not a swab sample could be taken from the skin and the sample could be tested for herpes.

Understand your test results

Herpes is a virus that last a lifetime. There are treatments for herpes, but there absolutely is no cure. The human body often weakens the herpes virus. Therefore herpes cold go undetected for any period of time. If you decide to get a herpes blood test it isn’t uncommon to get different results each time your tested.

If you were diagnosed with herpes from a medical doctor when you had active outbreaks that means you carry the herpes virus for life. If you get a blood test the chances are high the virus is undetected and much less likely to spread. Herpes hides in the central nervous system. The virus could remain dormant for any period of time.

The herpes swab test is only effective if the virus is on the surface of the skin. If herpes isn’t on the surface of the skin a swab test will come back negative. Herpes dies within seconds of touching the air. A swab sample may not always survive a trip to the lab. Negative herpes testing results don’t always mean you aren’t a carrier for the virus.

Have safe sex

It’s important for an individual with herpes to have safe sex. Herpes is a virus of the skin. Herpes could surface the skin even if there aren’t any noticeable symptoms of the virus. Herpes could spread even if outbreaks aren’t present. If your partner comes in direct skin-to-skin contact with the virus herpes may rub on the skin. If herpes is on the surface a partner is much more likely to come in oral or genital contact with the virus. Using a condom and avoiding sex during outbreaks will significantly reduce the chance of catching the herpes virus.

Take Medication if needed

Taking medication as prescribed helps reduce the symptoms of herpes. It’s important to understand that each person may react different to medication. Medication doesn’t help everyone. Herpes studies clinically prove that individuals with herpes show a decreased amount of herpes outbreaks than those who didn’t take Valtrex. Medication also reduces the chance of passing genital herpes to a partner.

Live a healthy lifestyle

An individual who is healthy is less likely to get herpes outbreaks. If a person has a weakened immune system, herpes outbreaks are more likely to occur. If a person with herpes isn’t getting enough sleep or experiencing high levels of stress outbreaks are more likely to occur. Smoking, drug use and drinking too much alcohol could also contribute to genital herpes outbreaks. Exercising and maintaining good health will decreases the chance of getting herpes outbreaks. Eating fruits, vegetables, and avoiding junk food will help maintain a strong immune system.

Tell your partner about herpes

When you talk to a partner about herpes ideally you want to tell someone you trust. You don’t want people within your social circle knowing you have herpes. Telling your partner about herpes allows the other person to make a choice. It also shows you care about the other person. If a partner knows you have herpes safe sex could happen. The chance of passing the virus to a partner could actually be very low. Before you tell your partner about herpes be prepared to answer questions the other before may have. Find a quiet place where you and your partner are alone. Don’t tell a partner about your situation during the heat of the moment. You could even do research with a partner. After you talk to your partner about herpes always allow the other person to ask questions. If needed allow a potential partner to think about their choice.

Don’t focus on stigma

When some people hear the word herpes or STI many thoughts race through their minds. Sometimes our thoughts are caused by not being fully educated. One way to reduce social stigma is to educate your partner or potential partner about herpes. In fact 80% of sexually active adults carry the HSV-1 antibodies. A simple cold sore on the mouth is usually caused by HSV-1. The body often weakens the virus, so there are no known symptoms of herpes. Many people don’t think they will ever catch herpes. Catching herpes could affect an individual’s dating life. But don’t try not to worry greatly about what others may think. Finding the right partner depends mostly on how strong a couple feels for another.

Express your feelings to a partner

Being honest about how you feel in a relationship is healthy and good for our self-esteem. There will be some partners who won’t accept a relationship with an individual who have herpes and some who will. If a partner decided there don’t want a relationship never take it personally. Meeting the right person takes time. Expressing your feelings in a relationship is a form of intimacy. It’s also how people bond. If you don’t express your feelings to a partner the other person will never know how you truthfully feel. Being honest about your feelings could open up a door to a successful relationship, even if you thought different.

Continue dating and socializing

When an individual is diagnosed with herpes is may feel like they may not be able to ever date again, or that it will be harder to meet a partner. It’s important to realize that you’re a person just like everyone else. Herpes is a skin condition that is very common. If any negative thoughts come to mind try to turn them into positive thoughts. Often social stigma prevents a person from thinking positive or socializing. When certain thoughts are evaluated we often realized that the thoughts aren’t completely true. The only way to meet people is to leave the house and to know people. Maybe the next person you talk to will be your future partner.

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